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    Today's vehicles have more computing power on them than the Apollo spacecraft that took us to the moon. With computer programs, sometimes errors or "bugs" are identified that require a software update. Many older automotive computers stored these programs on a replaceable chip, but newer units have chips that are re-programmable and do not require replacement when the programs are updated. The process of updating these computers is called "flashing" or "re-flashing".

It's all in the Numbers and Under the Hood with Delphi's new PCM and ECM Line

Delphi Product & Service Solutions, the aftermarket division of Delphi Corp., recently launched a new line of remanufactured Powertrain Control Modules (PCMs) and ECMs to the independent aftermarket.

Delphi is leveraging the company's global OE engine management heritage, including expertise in vehicle architecture, systems and component requirements, customized integrated circuit design and manufacturing, on-board diagnostics and software integration to provide high quality remanufactured product to the aftermarket.

Delphi manufactures 34,000 new ECM/PCM units per day in nine manufacturing plants globally. Delphi was at the forefront in the beginning of this "under-the-hood electronic revolution" and is proud to still lead the way in offering leading edge powertrain electronics. Since the introduction of engine electronics in the late 1970s, Delphi has produced 189 million units.

Delphi ECMs carry late model coverage and are supported by a special technical assistance hotline to address diagnostic questions through the Delphi's Service Solutions team. In addition, Delphi Flash Tool Reprogramming Kits and Delphi ECMs are tested to meet OE operating specifications, offering superior quality and performance.



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